Bad News & Good News

So I have some bad news and some good news.

I’ll start with the bad first so you can hopefully forget about it while reading the good (I’m not sure I’m supposed to give my master plan away, but eh…)


A Girl with a Tragic Ever After is going to be later than expected. I know I promised November—and it’s not like I haven’t been writing every day—it’s just that the good news has come up.

GOOD (hopefully)

I’ve been working on, and am very close to finishing, my very first contemporary novel! It’s a mafia-themed romance set in New York City, present day. This book has been a huge mind game for me, because truthfully, I find the contemporary genre really hard to write in. Fantasy is much more free in terms of what I can manipulate and create, while I’m completely hindered in modern day stories.

I’m not going to give much of it away, considering I haven’t decided what route of publishing I’m going to go with this book, but I wanted to share that I am writing—and that there is hardly a day that I don’t!

I don’t have a date for AGWATEA, but I promise it won’t be a year wait like it was with the second in the series.

Thanks for being understanding!!

Much love,

Danielle xx





2 thoughts on “Bad News & Good News”

  1. Hi Danielle

    When is alyria 3 getting released… Eagerly waiting for it…
    I really enjoyed reading your books so hope this is getting released soon…



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