A Thankyou and News

First, I would just like to say I am floored by the support I’ve gotten during the release of A Girl in Black and White. To my friends and family who immediately jumped into reading it, and to all of my Goodreads’ friends and followers who read and reviewed it right away.

As a self-published author, it can feel like you’re going it all alone, and so I am so thankful for everyone’s support.

As for the feedback, floored would be a tame word to describe my feelings. I never expected this type of amazing feedback. I honestly believed I would get subpar reviews, and those who loved my first would be disappointed with my second. So the feedback that I’ve gotten is surprising and a little overwhelming.

I don’t think it would be possible to doubt oneself more than I did in the process of writing A Girl in Black and White. I was scared of Second Book Syndrome, I was scared of failure, and maybe of success and not having the kind of support needed for anyone to read it.

I believe writing is one of the most challenging things to do mentally. And it’s incredibly hard to get past that and to see your work clearly. And so, every Friday I’m going to try to post a writing tip and trick that I’ve learned throughout writing my Alyria series. Maybe so I can hear myself work out the things that have worked for me, and also for any writers out there struggling. There can never be too much art in the world.

As for A Girl with a Tragic Ever After (Alyria #3), it is coming along smoothly and I’m really hoping to have it released sometime this fall. I will keep everyone updated as I go.


Danielle xo



2 thoughts on “A Thankyou and News”

  1. So glad to hear it had a great reception Danielle! It’s an awesome series and I admit, I cannot wait for the third book. I always hate when readers finish a book then beg an author for the next. I mean, come on! They’ve been slaving over the previous book for months or years. Give ’em a break! However…I totally understand the feeling now. 😉 Good luck with the next and truly, I absolutely cannot wait for it to be released. This series has been one of the most well written, clear and engaging reads I think I’ve ever had.


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